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This menu has links to contact forms. We have convenient forms to request general information and to contact a specific person.

Types of Questions we frequently receive.

Presentations:  Our puppy raisers love to do presentations to schools and community groups. If your school or organization is interested in holding a fundraiser or if you would like to schedule a Paw Pals presentation or program, please use the Contact Us form and check “I am interested in having Paw Pals do a presentation”.

Volunteers are always needed: Paw Pals Assistance Dogs is an all volunteer organization.  We can always use more help in many areas such as puppy sitting and office help. If you are interested, please fill out the Contact Us form (if you have a specific area you wish to volunteer, please mention it in the Message area), and check “I am interested in volunteering with Paw Pals.”

Puppy Raisers: We need puppy raisers, especially in the Denver and Colorado Springs areas. Please consider raising a new beginning for someone in need. If you are interested and wish more information before applying, please fill out the Contact Us form.

Puppy Sitters: We are always looking for great puppy sitters for our wonderful puppies. Puppy sitters welcome the puppies into their home while the puppy raiser is doing something that the puppy can’t be included in. This could be for the day, or longer. If you are interested and wish more information before applying, please fill out the Contact Us form.

Will you help me train I dog I currently have? Sorry, no we don’t. All our puppies pass medical, physical, and temperament testing before we start working with them. This is ensure the longest working career for the dogs. Your dog may be a wonderful companion, but that doesn’t mean she would make a good service dog. We start working with our puppies at eight weeks and they usually aren’t ready for a companion until about two years of age.

For general information please use the Contact Us form.

And if you know the person you which to contact, please use the Contact a Person form.