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Chapel Hills Mall, Colorado Springs – Sept. 9, 2015

We had class at Chapel Hills Mall again. Jayme, our instructor, had all the puppies do a “cradle” while she talked about what we’d be doing in class. A “cradle” is a command where the puppy, or dog, lies on its back between the handler’s legs. The puppy must remain calm and attentive to the handler while in this position. The raisers then worked on some commands while using a 20 foot lead. Using the long lead teaches the puppy not to break a sit/stay and helps with recalls.

Rampart Park, Colorado Springs – June 2, 2015

Class at Rampart Park in Colorado Springs. We had class on the baseball field, which is a rare treat. Since we had lots of space, Jayme had the puppy raisers work with long leads this time. The raisers walked away from the puppies while giving commands. All the puppies did great with the commands. As a special treat, Jayme paired the dogs up and let two dogs run around and play. This is something we don’t normally do during class.

Chapel Hills Mall – Mar. 3, 2015

This class was held at Chapel Hills Mall in Colorado Springs. This class was all about paying attention to our “handler.” A handler is the human holding the dog’s leash. Normally, it’s your mom or dad, but at class it can be any of the puppy raisers. It was fun at class, although, several of the young puppies got tired of the work and laid down during class.

At the end we had a group picture taken. That was interesting. Just try getting 5 puppies and a bunch of people to all look the same directions at the same time!

Class at CostCo – Feb. 3, 2015

This class was at CostCo. The puppies learned some new things in class from Sandy. She also had us working on refining a couple of commands and had tips for the puppy raisers on how the puppies can be more successful. Karen and Kodi have had disagreements about “cradle,” Sandy came over and helped Karen and Kodi work things out. Now Kodi thinks that “cradle” is really fun and nice.

Class at East Library

We had class at the East Library in Colorado Springs. This class was a little different from most classes. We didn’t do that much work with the puppies. Jayme reviewed some information about raising puppies and commands. The puppy raisers introduced themselves and the puppy they’re raising. All puppies were great with spending almost an hour lying quietly next to their raisers.