Puppy Raiser Program

Responsibilities and Commitments of a Paw Pals Assistance Dogs Puppy Raiser

  1. The puppy I am raising belongs to PPAD and shall live with me for 14 to 16 months. The puppy shall be returned to PPAD upon request.
  2. The puppy is to follow the training guidelines presented to me by PPAD.
  3. The puppy is to attend approved obedience classes, either by a PPAD Insturctor, group classes, or both if deemed necessary.
  4. Monthly progress reports are to be completed and any medical, behavior, or training issues are to be reported immediately to the PPAD Puppy Program Coordinator.
  5. Regular vaccinations and all veterinary costs incurred, shall be paid by myself, as puppy raiser, along with food and transportation costs to a PPAD facility. The puppy is to remain intact unless the PPAD Puppy Coordinator informs me otherwise.
  6. Expenses incurred while raising this puppy are considered charity and thereby tax deductible. I will consult a tax advisor for more guidance, if necessary.
  7. The puppy may be placed with a graduate in any of the areas PPAD serves. The decision about the puppy’s placement will be made by PPAD’s professional staff.
  8. The puppy will eat a high quality dog food only (no human food is allowed). The dog’s proper weight and physical needs must be maintained.
  9. The puppy shall live indoors and be crate trained. The puppy will not be allowed on furniture or beds.
  10. The puppy is to be well socialized by accompanying you to stores, restaurants, doctor’s offices, any place you may go. Puppy must maintain proper conduct while out in public and be in proper uniform (PPAD vest and on leash).
  11. The puppy must be comfortable being handled for grooming, teeth brushing, and nail trimming.
  12. The puppy’s safety is very important. I will never let the puppy off leash unless in an enclosed, safe area. Long lines for leashes may be used.
  13. The puppy shall be well mannered indoors, housebroken, and able to toilet on command while on a six-foot leash.
  14. If the terms of this agreement are not maintained, the Puppy Coordinator can re-homed the puppy and I might not be eligible to raise another PPAD dog.
  15. The PPAD professional staff is available to assist me with any concerns or problems I am having concerning this puppy.
  16. The puppy and I will attend at least one mandatory monthly training session in my area.
  17. I will not only receive love and joy from this experience, I will be helping another individual have a better quality of life.

For more information on our Puppy Raising Program, use our contact form. If you are sure you wish to apply to become a puppy raiser, you may fill out the Puppy Raiser Application form online.