Mac Duff goes to the airport

Karen, Jeff and Sandy took Mac Duff to the Colorado Springs Airport to give him exposure to airport traffic and environment.

At the airport, Sandy and Karen walked around in the terminal before trying get Mac Duff on the shuttle buses. Our first stop was by baggage claim. Lani was along to show Mac Duff how things are done in airports. Lani is Sandy’s crisis response and therapy dog (he works with HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response). Lani knows all about airports so he showed Mac Duff all the in-and-outs of travel.

After the terminal, we went to try our hand (or paw) at boarding the shuttle bus. Thanks to Lani, Mac Duff didn’t have any problems getting on the bus. The bus driver was very nice as well. She let us take our time and get on and off the bus a couple of times in a row. We also got to take a couple of rides around the parking lots. Sandy, Karen and Lani were a great help in getting Mac Duff used to riding on buses. A the end of the day, Sandy had Karen and Mac Duff get on the bus by themselves. They did great!

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