Class at Briargate YMCA, Colorado Springs – Mar. 1, 2016

The first class in March was held at the Briargate YMCA in Colorado Springs. Fortunately, we didn’t have too many puppies show up for class. A number of areas we visited didn’t have much room for puppies and handlers.

After meeting in the lobby, Jayme (our instructor) had everyone move into a near by meeting room. She went over how we should move from one facility to another and behave while watching the activities. She also reminded our people that they should stay out-of-the-way of people exercising as well.

Our first stop was the swimming pool Most of us puppies, and some of our people too, thought that the swimming pool area didn’t smell too good. Blech! All the puppies enjoyed watching people in the pool. After watching for a few minutes we walked around the pool to the top of a slide that goes into the pool.

Our next stop was the basketball courts. All the puppies were very interested in watching people toss basketballs around.

After watching basketball for a few minutes, we headed over the racquetball courts. These people were playing with puppy sized balls! Woohoo! We all loved watching them run around chasing after the balls.

Our last stop was the fitness facility. The fitness area is a large and very busy area. Lots of people and lots of equipment moving around and making noise. Jayme had the handlers walk the puppies around the free weights area, keeping the puppies out of everyone’s way. Afterwards, the puppies walked around the treadmills and stationary bicycles. The puppies enjoyed watching people on the equipment. None of the puppies were bothered by any of the equipment.

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