Class at California Casualty, Colorado Springs – Feb. 16, 2016

Our first puppy class in February was canceled because of bad weather. Our next class was held at California Casualty (Karen and Kodi’s workplace). Everyone met in the lobby and then headed back to the cafeteria.

We had a surprise instructor this time, Sandy. Normally, we have Jayme whipping (no actual whips involved in any of our classes) the puppies into shape. This time Sandy had the puppies work with different people. Some puppies weren’t too happy about working with another handler while their “mom” or “dad” was still in the area.

Sandy had the puppies all do a “heel” next to our handlers and tried to distract the puppies by rolling a ball passed them. Most of puppies sat and watched the ball roll on by. No one jumped to chase after the ball.

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