Pooches in Pink Event, Sep. 12, 2015

Pooches in Pink is an event and doggie walk held at Rock Ledge Ranch in Colorado Springs to support Komen Race for the Cure.

Paw Pals shared a booth with Doggi Pawz. Susi, Chelsea, and Rachel, of Doggi Pawz, brought their puppies Einstein, Haley and Daisy, respectively. Joetta brought Mac Duff, and Karen and Jeff brought Kodi. We had a very full (and fun) booth.

The puppies greeted lots of new puppies and people. The booth next to us had a bunch of exotic animals. Mac Duff and Kodi got to check out a turtle and a really big lizard. Kodi wasn’t too sure about the huge snake they had. The snake wa a Boa and it weighed 30 pounds. That’s a big snake.

The event held a doggie walk and a costume competition. Some people put a lot of effort into the costumes for their dogs. A couple of people even dyed their poor puppy pink. Hopefully, it was the washout kind of dye.

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